Om integrationen

Playtomic is the new platform for players that previously used Syltek. It is currently the largest network of padel and tennis in Europe with tens of thousands of active players and a monthly growth of +20%.

Att använda Playtomic innebär

  • 100% in the cloud. The only program totally in the cloud, and the only one that you can open from a PC, tablet or mobile without needing to download anything.
  • App and web included. Our software for club managers provides you with an integrated web and app in your management system.
  • The fastest program. There is no program that approaches our software speed. With just 1MB, open any screen 20 times faster than your current program.
  • Best price. Price much more competitive than other software on the market and with many more features included.

Så fungerar kopplingen med Fortnox

If you join Playtomic you will get a set of benefits that will take your club to another level. With this, your users will have their hands on the best technology, an optimal experience, from within the existing website of your club or within the app. Syltek, our cloud-based software for the club managers, will allow you to run your club in an integral and efficient way. Our Fortnox's integration makes it possible for our clubs to have synchronized all the accounting movements that happen within the platform with their reference accounting program, as well as export invoices that they can later send to their clients.



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Koppling till Fortnox

  • Arkivplats
  • Bokföring
  • Fakturering
  • Offert & Order


59 SEK
99 kr/mån tillkommer för licensen Fortnox Integration (inkluderar obegränsat antal integrationer).

Starting at 0 SEK/month
99 kr/mån tillkommer för licensen Fortnox Integration (inkluderar obegränsat antal integrationer).




  • Årsredovisning / Bokslut
  • Bokningssystem
  • CRM system
  • Faktura / påminnelse / inkasso
  • Kassasystem


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