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Om integrationen

This application implements a connection from the webshop solution shopware 4 or shopware 5 to the cloud solution Fortnox.
In the first version of this application you can transfer data from the webshop to a fornox invoive, include the master data.


- items / articles
- adresses / customers
- invoices (or in further version also orders)


Simple use with webbased PHP program, so it works on every platform, also on MAC computers, Windows PC's and tablets. You only have to connect the module on your favorites in your browser.

Att använda webshop shopware connect innebär

  • Easy transfer from webshop shopware to Fortnox
  • Works on every platform

Så fungerar kopplingen med Fortnox

The integration is uploaded to the shopware server and after configuration and can then be accessed and started via a browser link. The solution the reads the shopware databases s_user, s_orders, s_articles and the connected databases which contains the necessary data and create entries in fortnox customers, articles and invoices. After the correct transfer the integration set a flag in the corresponding shopware attribute tables for marking the correct transfer. So there isnt't possible to transfer duplicates.


webshop shopware connect

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79,- EUR selling price and 19,- EUR per year.

59 kr/mån tillkommer för licensen Fortnox Integration (inkluderar obegränsat antal integrationer).

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