Fortnox Academy

Are you ready for your next big step?

At Fortnox we love to take our own path. And we are absolutely certain that the best solution has not yet been found. If you get accepted to our trainee program Fortnox Academy you will take on projects and challenges that take Fortnox and our customer experience to new heights. Is it time for your next big step? Of course you should apply!

Next application period will open spring of 2023.

Fortnox Academy - How it works
Five things you ought to know about our trainee program

Come along and get to know more about Fortnox Academy and what you can expect as a trainee.

About Fortnox Academy

Our trainee program offer you the chance to experience life in a development team at Fortnox where you can grow both in your professional role and as a person. Our goal is to find passionate and driven Developers, Test Engineers and Product Designers who want to be involved and take Fortnox to the next step. This year we offer 10 positions (5 in Växjö and 5 in Malmö) to Fortnox Academy, which has received the award for being one of Sweden's 10 best Trainee programs by Karriärföretagen.

Together with your team and through your assignment, you will learn about the business, about what development means at Fortnox and work with your own personal development. You will also have mentors and development managers who guide you through your assignment and who will support, advise and challenge you. At the end of the trainee program we will evaluate the time together and if both parties agree, offer you a place with us.

What you'll get
  • 4 months trainee program (paid employment)

  • Possible employment at Fortnox upon completion of the program

  • Hands-on experience

  • An incredible opportunity for you who are serious about you passion

    Next application period will open in 2023

Who you are

Where you come from is not relevant - it is where you are going that is interesting. If you have a passion for development, testing or product design, you can become our next star in Fortnox Academy. To apply for the trainee program, we expect you to have completed your last semester in development, testing, design or equivalent education and have the opportunity to work 100% during the program.

Fortnox and change go hand in hand, and it is important that you like to be involved, even if it goes fast sometimes. But most importantly, your will to succeed is greater than your fear of failure.

Leader of last years Fortnox Academy

Magdalena has been at Fortnox since the spring of 2020. She leads the development organization in one of our business areas, but also has a strong commitment towards Fortnox Academy.

"It is fantastic to see the progress that our trainees go through during the program. We offer really exciting and challenging projects on the way."

Magdalena Hallbrandt

Head of Development

Porträttbild på Magdalena Hallbrandt
Meet Developer Michaela Sääw
"There are always new projects on the go and many plans in the pipeline here, which I like. I always feel like I am moving forward and that I am contributing to the development of something positive." Läs hela artikeln
Fortnox - development
Meet Product Designer Peter Arnoldsson
“If you show drive, you will have the chance to do different, exciting and fun things."Läs hela artikeln
Meet Test Engineer Fredric Johansson
"What happens if I press this button 1 000 times? I'm happy every time I manage to break something, because that means we can fix it and the user has an even better experience."Läs hela artikeln
We invest in you

Fortnox creates the right conditions for you to succeed and your well-being. Our leaders are present, creative and close to decisions. So, how do we succeed? We work with a clear structure for individual follow-up and development, arrange leadership forums for dialogue and collaboration and ensure that your experience is always in focus.

The journey of development at Fortnox never ends. Leadership is a skill that can be shaped under the right conditions. Our Talent Management Program is a unique opportunity for talents who want to grow and develop into new roles. The program dives deep into all dimensions of leadership with the aim of developing, strengthening and engaging our leaders.

You decide how far you want to reach. At Fortnox, there are challenges and opportunities in a wonderful mix in the middle of an inspiring work environment. With us, a lot happens and everything is possible for those who want. We encourage internal mobility to new roles, areas and specializations.

The best solution has not yet been found. During inspiring hack-days, we find the potential in problems and take the most ingenious idea and make it a reality. The goal is to push the boundaries of what the combination of data and data capacity can create for business benefit. Some of our most groundbreaking ideas were born here. You also get your very own time for innovation with the agenda of your choosing.

What makes you feel good? We have done our best to create the most inviting and creative work environment possible. Check out our beautiful environments and see how it makes you feel.

Fortnox believes in a life in balance and Fortnox MåBra is a concept that exists for your well-being and recovery. The need for recovery looks different and here you have the opportunity to take part in everything from exercise, massage or perhaps a quiet moment for mindfulness. During our Wellnessweeks, we invite you to, among other things, cooking classes, training sessions and lectures. We want to invest in you!

Join us on a fast-paced journey

With us, a lot happens and everything is possible for those who want. Listen to the Fortnox family's stories in the midst of success and adversity, laughter and cheers. A fast-paced journey with a twinkle in the eye.

Employer Value Proposition
We will invest in you!

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