30 May 2023

New property in endpoint for Offer, Order, Invoice and Contract

We have added a new property called VATCode to the row object of offer, order, invoice and contract resource. The logic of how VAT is handled if VAT code and related VAT rate differs have also been changed.

We have added an optional property, VATCode, to the row object. If there is a VATCode, it decides what the VAT percentage will be and how the VAT will be bookkept. VATCode is a code that has a VAT rate and a linked bookkeeping account (ie MF, MP1, MP2, MP3 and self-created VAT codes).

The reason is that you will be able to choose a different VAT rate/VAT account than what is specified for the sales account's VAT code.

The VAT will be posted to the account linked to the VAT code and calculated with the VAT rate specified on the VAT code. If only standard VAT codes (MF, MP1, MP2, MP3) are submitted as VATCode but no sales account, the sales account linked in default settings for that VAT is suggested.

Regarding changed logic

Changes in logic in how VAT is posted if the vat code of the sales account does not match the selected VAT rate.

With the changed handling of VAT, when the VAT determines the sales account.

The VAT will be posted in the bookkeeping account linked to the VAT rate's VAT code and not the sales account's VAT code.