Published: 12 May 2022|Last updated: 12 January 2024

Service Accounts

Introduction of Service Accouts

Recently, we introduced an option for service accounts in the Developer portal. Activation using the service account option connects the access token to a custom-created user with a set of permissions suitable for service-to-service integrations, thereby removing the dependancy to a specific person within the company.

There can only be one service account per client ID and customer, and only system administrators of the customer can authorize for service accounts during the initial authorization process.

To start using service accounts, simply enable the option for the app in the Developer portal by selecting “Only administrator” and pass the parameter in your redirect to the Oauth service. The parameter is called “account_type” and the only valid value is “service”. The parameter is optional to allow maximum flexibility in combining service accounts with regular user access tokens.

More information on the parameters can be found here

My Integrations – A shortcut to your integration

To make it smooth for the user to switch between Fortnox and your integration, we have released a new view for Fortnox users called My Integrations. This view, on the starting page, shows integrations connected to the logged in user with a link to the integration’s start page. 

You need to add the URL to your integration’s start page in the Developer portal in “Link to start page”. Adding a start page URL to your app makes it easy for the customer to end up in the right place when switching tasks. A typical example of a start page is your login page.

Publish in Integrations

When you are done with all the magic we are ready to publish you in the Integrations page. We want to show all customers the value that all our partners create.

You can read more about the landingpage and review here

If you have created a one-to-one integration and are not interested in displaying your app to our customers you can keep your app hidden. 

If you can not find the information you need at  you can contact our API-support here .

​​Last call to exchange your authentication to Oauth is May 31. Remember it only affects new customers.