Guide for you as an Integrator

How to create an awesome landing page

The purpose of the landing page is to clarify the benefits with your integration and what makes your integration work extra well together with Fortnox. This is not only great information for your potential customers, it is also valuable for our mutual ranking on Google. When describing your integration, make sure you answer the following questions:

  • What problem do our joint systems solve for the client?

  • What does the integration of our systems do that it cannot do if used separately?

  • Does it save time, increase revenue or open up new ways to market?

  • Who benefits the most of using the integration? The more specific you can be, the better it is. Do elaborate on industry, segment and or size of companies who have the most to gain. No one likes a one-size fits all approach.

How does it work?

A great way to display the integration and flow between our systems is to use a flow chart, or simply illustrate with arrows what data is transferred in what direction.

Another way is to describe what and how data is transferred with bullets in a checklist. And do illustrate! Pictures, screenshots or great illustrations that are showing and not just telling.

One more thing that can help you to overcome customer hesitation is to clarify the step after integration. Let the customer know what they can expect once they integrate our systems. For example, is it pure plug n play or does it acquire some kind of onboarding and settings? This kind of clarification can take away any considerations the client might have.

References and quotes

Do let our mutual clients speak up! A great way to prove a concept is to use references and testimonials.

Using statements from references on customers using your app can help increase awareness and engagement.

About Fortnox:

Although we do work hard to make all business owners familiar with our platform for prosperous business, do add a short boilerplate about us:

Fortnox är en företagsplattform med produkter inom bland annat redovisning, fakturering, finansiering och medarbetare. Kunderna får också tillgång till andra företagstjänster och till hundratals externa system genom partnersamarbeten. 

Fortnox grundades 2001 med huvudkontor i Växjö. Aktien är noterad på Nasdaq Stockholms huvudlista. 

För ytterligare information se .

  • Only companies that are partners may display Fortnox's logo.

  • Companies that choose to use the logo must follow the guidelines set by Fortnox.

  • The logo must not be used in a way that can be interpreted as having the text content written off or representing Fortnox's views or opinions.

  • You may change the size of Fortnox's logo in marketing materials as long as proportions and colors are retained. Minimal height is 22 px.

  • When using the logo in marketing material, the company's own logo must be included and not directly in connection with Fortnox's logo. Your company must clearly be perceived as the sender of the marketing message.

  • When using Fortnox's logo on a website or in printed material, there must be a free area around the logo corresponding to the width of the letter ”F”. Neither graphic elements nor text elements can be found within the free space.

  • You may not redo or remove elements in Fortnox's logo.

  • Don’t rotate the logotype.

  • Don’t add shadows or other kinds of visual effects.

  • Don’t use the logotype with a tagline together.

  • You may not display the logo in a manner that may be obtrusive, defamatory, derogatory, obscene, or otherwise offensive.

  • When you include Fortnox's logo, make it appear smooth and sharp.

Download our green logo with transparent background, PNG-format. Download our green logo with transparent background, SVG-format. Download our white logo with transparent background, PNG-format. Download our white logo with transparent background, SVG-format.
Requirements for titles

For your page to be found and understood by search engines, an important factor is the title. Put a title that explains the content of the page, which contains both your company name and Fortnox.

<title>Integration between iZettle and Fortnox</title>
Requirements for headlines

How you structure your page with headlines affects how easy it is to understand your page, both for your visitors and search engines. Always use a h1 heading, followed by one or more h2 headers on the second level, h3 for level three - and so on.

Requirements for UTM tags

By using so-called “UTM tags” you enable Fortnox to get information about how many users click on a link from your site that goes to .

Google has published a free tool that you can use to create your UTM link. Start by filling in which URL you want to link to, then which source, then the medium and last the campaign name. For example, it might look like this:

  • Website URL -

  • Campaign Source - integrator

  • Campaign Medium - link

  • Campaign Name - fortnox-at-integrator

You can either use Google's service, or use our example link below if you find it easier. If you want to change the link's anchor text, simply replace the text "Read more about Fortnox".

<a href="">Read more about Fortnox</a>
Requirements for meta descriptions

The meta description is the text that appears on google, and other search engines, under the blue link text. The text is used to "attract visitors" to click on a search result in the "search results list".

<meta name="description" content="Accounting must be compiled after the end of the financial year. But how do you do it?">

See our comprehensive documentation regarding the Fortnox API.

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