Api Changes

Published: 4 May 2022|Last updated: 4 May 2023

Deprecation of WorkType and Addition of TaxReductionAmounts

Support for Green Technology Tax Deduction invoices has arrived and with it the previously announced “WorkType” property has been deprecated in favour of a new property “TaxReductionAmounts”.


With the addition of Green Technology by Skatteverket, several things have changed in the Tax Reductions-endpoint. Firstly, the previously announced “WorkType” field has been deprecated and will have no function going forwards. Instead, a new field, “TaxReductionAmounts” has been added to the Tax Reduction object (herein known as an “application”) in its place. This new field represents an array of TaxReductionAmount-objects that denote the applicant’s AskedAmount for each individual type of work.

New validations have also been added for Green Technology applications to account for the new fields as TaxReductionAmounts will be mandatory to include, but it should be noted that no changes have been made to ROT/RUT applications and the inclusion of TaxReductionAmounts to those will have no effect and should still be created in the same way as before. Furthermore, the “AskedAmount” field of Green Technology applications has become optional, as it will always be considered to be equal to the sum of the AskedAmounts of the TaxReductionAmounts and as such represents the total AskedAmount for the given application.

These types of work, or “WorkTypes”, are available for Green Technology:
SOLARCELLS | Installation av solceller
STORAGESELFPRODUCEDELECTRICITY | Installation av lagringsmedel för egenproducerad el
CHARGINGSTATIONELECTRICVEHICLE | Installation av laddningredskap för elfordon

This is an example of what a TaxReductionAmount-object could look like:

	“WorkType”: “SOLARCELLS”,
	“AskedAmount”: 200

In a previous blog post we announced the intention to add a new property, known as “WorkType”, to existing Tax Reductions. As such, Green Technology invoices would require several Tax Reductions per applicant in order to account for each individual type of work (WorkType, such as Solar Cells).

This solution was deemed to have the potential to prove cumbersome for integrators and prone to faults. As such, a new, better and easier, system was developed for handling Green Technology applications.

The way to create Green Technology applications has changed and will now require the field “TaxReductionAmounts” which has been described prior in greater detail. Attempts to create such applications without this field will result in validation errors. Other applications, such as ROT/RUT, have not changed and can be created like usual.