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Activating an integration with an accounting agency

The consultant has to log in with the credentials to their "Digital byrå", and after that choose what client to activate the integration on.

Error: Auth code or ClientID supplied is invalid

This error message is displayed when you try to use a ClientID for Oauth2 activation without having checked the checkbox in the developer portal.

Error: Client does not allow service account

The activation URL is using "account_type=Service" without having the Service account set to administrator only in the developer portal. Log in to the developer portal and update this.

I get error message “Kunde inte hitta konto” (Could not find account). What is wrong?

If you are providing an account in the request please make sure that the accounts are available in the Account plan (endpoint: Accounts). If you do not send in the accounts in the request body then the customer has not set up their default accounts in the settings menu in Fortnox. They can set this under Settings – Accounting – Preferred accounts. The customer can contact Fortnox support if they need help with this.

Why can’t the customer find my connection in the list in Manage Users?

If your integration has been added using Oauth2 it will be visible under Manage Integrations. If you integration has been added using the legacy method it will still be visible under Manage Users.

My Authorization-code or Refresh-Token has become invalid. How do I get a new one?

The user has to do another authentication by adding the integration again. Read more about the authorization process here .

Error: Invalid refresh token

Either you have already used the refresh token or it has expired. To continue the integration must be reactivated by a user on the Fortnox account

Error message: Missing license

The customer must log in to Fortnox and order an integration license. They can do this at "Tillägsbeställning" or "Manage users" sections.

Missing license (purchasable integration)

The integration must be purchased from our integrations page. We guide the customer on how the activation is done. They must search for the integration and click on buy in Fortnox before it can be activated.

Missing rights to list/create order/invoice/quote etc.

Tell the customer/integrator to reactivate the integration with a user who has the correct permissions.

This can happen when you create a new user for a accounting consultant in Fortnox.
The consultant has to log in with "digital byrå" to activate the integration.

Error: Missing rights (Warehouse)

Make sure you have added the scopes needed to use the warehouse module (Warehouse, Warehousecustomdocument, articles)

Errror: Missing system administrator

The customer who activates the integration is not a system administrator. The customer must be made a sysadmin or the sysadmin on the account must enable the integration

Why do I have access to more scopes on one of my connections than to the other?

The access of the Access-Token depends on the scopes that your integration had when the Authorization-Code was created. If you add or remove scopes from your integration you need to create new authorization-codes to get a new Access-Token with the new access.

Error: Not licensed for requested scope

The user who activated the integration does not have the correct permissions, the integration must be reactivated by a user who has the correct permissions in Fortnox.

RedirectURI is missing or mismatch

Make sure the RedirectURI specified in the developer portal is the same as the one in the activation link.

Error: Resource owner does not have enough licenses

This happens when the integration is purchasable in Fortnox but not published. You will have to change the integration to purchase via website in the developer portal.

Error: An unsupported scope was requested

The activation link has a scope that is not checked in the developer portal, Log in to the developer portal and add all the scopes you need


See our comprehensive documentation regarding the Fortnox API.

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