The definition of a successful response is when you made a valid request that functioned as intended.

A successful response will return with a HTTP status code in the 200 range.

200OKA resource has been returned
201CreatedA resource has been created
204SuccessA resource has been removed

The definition of a failed response is when you made a invalid request that did not function as intended.

A failed response will return with a HTTP status code in the 400 or 500 range.

400Bad RequestThe request cannot be fulfilled due to bad syntax
403ForbiddenFailed authentication
404Not FoundThe requested resource could not be found
500Internal Server ErrorAn error occurred at our end

A failed request will return an error in the response, all errors have the same structure.

  "ErrorInformation": {
    "error": 1,
    "message": "Kan inte hitta kontot.",
    "code": 2000423

See our comprehensive documentation regarding the Fortnox API.

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