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Otisco Consolidation Connector

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Save time in your monthly reporting process while eliminating manual mistakes. An efficient loading process from Fortnox to your group reporting solution will enable you load, review, correct and reload.

Om Otisco Consolidation Connector

The Otisco Consolidation Connector extracts your company's data from Fortnox in a format that is ready for loading to your consolidation reporting system or Excel solution. The data can be accessed by an SQL view, CSV or Text file export.

If you have multiple Fortnox companies then they can be combined.

This app is optimized for AARO's group reporting system and add-on products (Cash Forecast, Drillthrough) but the data can used in most all group reporting systems.

At an additional cost voucher level detail and liquidity planning data can be included in the Otisco Consolidation Connector.

Så fungerar kopplingen med Fortnox

Otisco Consolidation Connector extracts closing balances for balance sheet accounts and YTD figures for income statement accounts.

The following dimensions are made available:

*Company Code

*Period (year+month)


*Cost Center



Ingår i alla paket

Minimera risken för fel

Integrationslicensen ingår i alla våra paket för företagare, så att du kan underlätta ditt företagande genom att koppla externa system till Fortnox.

Men hur går det till? Jo, systemen skickar information – till exempel underlag för bokföringen och faktureringen – mellan varandra. Du slipper dubbelregistrering och sparar tid. Och inte minst: du minimerar risken för fel.

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