Supplier invoice and accounting from bank statement


This education is for those who want to learn how to work with supplier invoices in Fortnox, as well as learning how to post different transactions from your bank statement. This education is pre-recorded which means you can watch it multiple times as well as start the film at any given time.


Kunskaper och erfarenhet

Basic knowledge of  accounting.


In this education you’ll going to learn: 

  • Different ways of receiving supplier invoices 

  • How to work with approval of supplier invoices

  • How to pay you supplier invoices through our bank integration

  • How to verify the account of your bank statement as well as posting transactions based of your bank statement


When you’re done with this course you’ll have received a display of how to work with supplier invoices in the most efficient way.

Bra att veta

This education is held in english.

Before the education you’ll need basic knowledge of accounting. In this education we’re going to use the programs Accounting (Bokföring) and Supplier Invoice Approval (Leverantörsfakturaattest). 

The education is pre-recorded, which means you can’t ask the teacher any questions. You can however watch the education multiple times. The length of the education is 70 minutes. 

If you have any questions about the education you’re welcome to contact us, either via telephone 0470 - 78 50 00 or via e-mail utbildning@fortnox.se