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We too have been small and therefore we understand the importance of having more time for what you love.

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The Fortnox platform helps you solve your administration and financing. Easily and efficiently.

Every day we challenge old, ineffective working methods and replace them with smart and automated solutions. We have been doing this since the start in 2001, when we were first in our industry to offer on-line accounting. Today more than 250 000 businesses have picked us to manage their administration as easily as possible.

Fortnox is a cloud-based platform that meets the needs of small businesses and accounting agencies for programs and services that can manage their finances efficiently. In addition to popular programs for example for invoicing, accounting, inventory, payroll and expense management there are also hundreds of industry-specific solutions from other suppliers that are integrated in our platform. As a customer of Fortnox you may use our financial services, for example invoicing services and invoice factoring and we also offer insurance brokering. Start small and grow as your needs grow.

What is really clever is that everything you do is available everywhere and all the time, in only one platform. Perfect when you collaborate with an accounting agency and share the work. Or when you are travelling and want to work via the Fortnox app on your mobile phone.

Welcome to a new way of working.

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Help when needed

Fortnox is suitable for and used in all industries, but associations and schools have also discovered its many benefits. Sometimes there are questions and concerns, and that is when it is nice to know that Fortnox support is included – you can reach us via the chat and by telephone. As a user you are also able to access a great variety of getting-started guides, training courses and demo films that demonstrate in detail how to work in our programs.

Working together

As a customer you can reach your programs and your information from any internet-connected computer or mobile phone. Multiple users can also be logged in simultaneously, work together and share information. A major benefit is that they do not have to worry about installation, updates and backups.


Fortnox can be integrated with many other solutions

The Fortnox program can be integrated with many different types of programs and systems, for example cash handling systems, web shops and work flow systems. You get an automated and well-functioning overall solution where the same information does not have to be recorded in several places, and you also do not take the risk of any information being outdated.

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Offerta - now a part of Fortnox

Offerta is Sweden’s largest marketplace for sellers and buyers of services. Offerta connects service companies and people who need help at home, in the office or in their tenant owned association. As an entrepreneur, you get help to find more customers and new assignments and as a consumer you will find craftsmen, cleaners and other professionals.


We are proud of our history

We saw the opportunities of the cloud already in 2001. The entrepreneur Jan Älmeby, who for a long time had been offering accounting programs to small business owners through his own company Scandinavian PC Systems, realised already at that time that the administration would be a lot easier for small businesses if the programs were web-based.

Jan and his team soon saw to it that the first web-based accounting program was launched in the Swedish market. Soon the first agreement was signed with a major accounting agency chain and others followed quickly when more and more small business owners and accounting consultants realised the benefits and the simplicity of working together through the cloud.

Meanwhile, new programs were being developed in the Fortnox product portfolio. There are currently a multitude of user-friendly programs that help small business owners stay organised and thanks to the low monthly cost allows small businesses to grow at their own pace.

Robert Hansson

– One of two partners in Rolf & Robert Bygg

Robert Hansson

”I save up to 10 hours a week because the systems are integrated and the documentation for invoicing and payroll are automatically generated.”

The construction company Rolf & Robert Bygg has long been working with Bygglet, a web-based tool for project management specifically developed for the construction industry. Their previous solution for administration lacked integration with Bygglet. By switching to the Fortnox solution the company received a good overall solution where all the administration is combined in Bygglet and Fortnox in an integrated solution.

Fortnox for tradesmen

Sofia Utstrand

– One of two partners in Frick & Co

Sofia Utstrand

”We have gone from time-consuming manual work with great risk of error to now having precise control of our inventory at any time of the day and at all points of sale.”

When Frick & Co introduced the Fortnox inventory system life as a wholesaler and e-commerce company became much easier. With precise control of the inventory, support for various currencies and automatic bookkeeping the company saves a lot of time. In addition it is both quick and easy to get started.

Fortnox for online retailers

Mattias Segerbrand

– one of the partners of Saldo Redovisning.

Mattias Segerbrand

”It is possible to charge more for advisory services. We are charging for the expertise and experience of our employees.”

Saldo Redovisning has chosen the Fortnox digital platform as the basis of the agency’s accounting services. The agency has a very clear ambition to cooperate with its customers in digital workflows where modern technology automates major parts of the work. An ambition that has resulted in that the professional organisation FAR nominated them for Agency of the Future for the Year 2017/2018.

Fortnox for accounting bureaus

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