Affärsutveckling för byråledare

Är du byråledare och känner att du jobbar för mycket? Men att det ändå inte visar sig på sista raden? Behöver du mer energi och inspiration för att utveckla din redovisningsbyrå och era arbetssätt?

Nyfiken? Här berättar vi mer om utbildningen (som är på engelska) och Shane Lukas!

For agency managers and agency management teams

Fortnox Masterclass

Fortnox is very proud to unveil one of our most exciting projects for 2022. Fortnox Masterclass – Powered by AVN.

Masterclass is a three day seminar, where Shane Lukas dives deep into how you can evolve your accountancy practice to improve the health and profitability of both yourself and your business. Fortnox Masterclass is aimed at agency managers and agency management teams, and will be held in English.

This is Shane Lukas

Shane Lukas has been a part of AVN since its formation back in 1998, and has since 2007 been the managing director and proud owner of the company. During his long career he has worked with over 3000 accountancy agencies to help increase the profitability and the quality of life of their employees and owners.

Shane has also written two bestselling books “Putting excellence into practice” and “What’s next for accountants?” that you can download right now, for free, from AVN's website.

My clients are going to benefit from the new services we are introducing this year and I can look towards reducing my work days to enjoy more time doing other things.

Peter Fry, Emjay Associates, Sussex, UK
How we can help

Do you relate to any of these problems?

Don’t worry! Shane Lukas and AVN have been helping accountants solve these types of issues for over 20 years!

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Too low profits?
Your existing clients and pricing structure does not generate the profits you want.
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Work too much?
You work many hours and can’t see a way to take back control of your life.
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Not sure where you’re going?
You are struggling to take up your advisory services and is not sure where you’re going.