20 oktober 2022|Uppdaterad: 23 januari 2023

From a small box - to the whole of Sweden

Boxflow - a company to remember. They grow faster than you can blink and they’re not done growing yet. The journey began in Halmstad, in the Fall of 2018, with a handful of employees. Today, they have a workforce of over 600 people, all over Sweden. How did they succeed? What is the secret ingredient to growing so fast? We’ve spoken to Jessica Farrar, about creativity and their drive, as well as Fortnox’s role along the way.
Fast growth and a lot of drive

Boxflow offers warehouse solutions based on the customer's needs. They offer services in third-party logistics, consulting in logistics, and temporary staffing in logistics and industry. In 2018, the first warehouse site was opened in Halmstad – a small office in the form of a barrack in the warehouse. Now they have grown in both the number of employees and offices, but also in their range and services.

- The vision is to grow by working digitally with warehousing. For example, we want our staffing service to be larger, in order to successfully deliver staff to our customers. We were a handful of people at the start in 2018, now we are around 600 employees around Sweden. We will be more, says Jessica Farrar, salary controller.

Since the start in Halmstad, Boxflow is now also represented in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Helsingborg, Malmö and Kristianstad. The steady growth has led to their estimated turnover of over SEK 300 million, and to expand to more than 800 employees in 2022.

- I think we have grown because there is so much drive and creativity here, both in leaders and employees. You want to help the company grow. We also have a very good cohesion, which means that you become more engaged in your work.

"Other programs look outdated in comparison”

In order for all new employees to be paid smoothly, Jessica Farrar was appointed as salary controller. She has been working since March 2022, and in the world of Boxflow, she is already a veteran.

- Previously, the finance/HR-department took care of the salaries, which meant that everything took so much longer. We needed a person who focused on just this.

Jessica came from an accounting firm, and didn't know much about Fortnox. But she had to be quickly introduced into the programs as Boxflow has worked with it since the start.

- When I started with Fortnox, I thought it felt very nice to the eye. Everything is well laid out visually. Compared to other programs, it’s really easy to find your way in Fortnox, and you can quickly click where you want to go. Other programs look outdated in comparison.

From the beginning, a lot was done by hand in Boxflow, but now they work completely digitally.

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