So, you have developed a great integration that creates a lot of value for its users.
Now what? We are happy to share some crucial steps you’ll need to take, to make your potential customers discover the value of your integration.

Keep this in mind when you write copy text:

User attention span is short!
Make sure to pitch short, crisp and focused on the customer value in your solution.

  • What is the core value of the integration and its features?

  • What are the pain points that your integration eases?

  • Who is your specific target audience in mind?

  • Write in a friendly, persuasive and uncluttered way!

  • Is the text easy to understand?

  • Will the text capture potential customers interest and showcase the benefits of the integration?

The power of customer reviews

Did you know that customer reviews not only have the power to influence purchase decisions but can also strengthen your company’s credibility?
By providing social proof and validate expertise, your customer reviews can be a great source for your marketing.

We recommend that you collect customer reviews on your website.
Make sure that the reviews are easy to find for new potential customers. Also, remember to ask for permission before using reviews.

Boost your marketing with screenshots

Remember the principle that the first impression counts: you have a bare few seconds to get attention. Use them wisely to capture interest.
So, the screenshots should do two things. It should get peoples attention and communicate the main benefit of the integration. Here are five tips that will help you create great screenshots.

  1. Take screenshots of key features and key screens
    Explain the most important use story of the integration in the first two screenshots.

  2. Highlight UI elements that represent text captions

  3. Keep it simple
    People will only buy your integration if they are sure of what they are getting. You know what your integration does inside and out. But viewers are seeing it for the first time. Try to communicate the value of your integration in a simple and concise way.

  4. Be meticulous with details
    The details on your screenshots are important. Poorly cropped images and bad spelling are just a few examples of things that tell your customer you don’t care. If you want your customers to trust you, get the details right.

  5. Combine screenshots
    By combining screenshots, you can maximize the value that you and the viewers get from them. See example of combined images below.


See our comprehensive documentation regarding the Fortnox API.

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