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Complex problems, enticing challenges, and a direct impact on the joy of thousands of people. This is development at Fortnox.

Come and belong with us
We are the magic behind the cloud based business platform, the society that is responsible for building the infrastructure, functions and experiences that our small business owners and accounting firms love - and to enable a prosperous society shaped by thriving businesses.

Our culture is based on trust and aligned autonomy. We’ve designed the way of working that works for us, developing an agile methodology that allows us to adapt fast and launch quickly. And while all squads own their individual missions, we’re collaborative too, sharing everything from code and expertise to successes and failures.

Life of a Developer in short:

  • Autonomous small teams.

  • SOA.

  • Distributed event streaming with kafka.

  • Modern Open Source Solutions.

  • Teams build their own team culture and framework.

  • Opportunity to work remotely.

  • “Developer happiness” - We allocate resources focused on our developers. The main task is to work with tools and systems that keep you happy.

  • We believe in flexibility. Mandatory clock on, clock off just isn’t our vibe.

  • Fortnox believes in a life in balance and “Fortnox MåBra” is a concept that exists for your well-being and recovery.

Fortnox tech community
Within Fortnox we have hundreds of skilled engineers working together to build software that our customers loves. We have great offices in Stockholm, Växjö, Malmö and Linköping and we are continuously expanding. This also applies to our technology stack and we are working with a number of different technologies to make sure we have the right tool for the job at hand.

Java | .NET Core | Python | Reactive streams | Javascript/TypeScript | React | Vue.js | Swift | PostgreSQL | SQL Server | Git | PHP

Everyone has a part to play
Where you come from is not relevant - it's where you are going that's interesting. We don’t just want you to feel like you belong here, we want you to feel like you can thrive here. No two individuals are the same, so at Fortnox we embrace this and build from it. Therefore we want you to contribute with your personal experience, your perspectives and your background. It is in our differences that we will find the power to continue to revolutionize the way the world views cloud based business platforms for financial administration.

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If you have any questions_ please feel free to contact our Talent Acquisition Pernilla Söderholm pernilla.soderholm@fortnox.se

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